Languages Online - Matching Game Maker

Languages Online - Matching Game Maker 1.4

An interactive game that helps learning english langage

In the Languages Online Matching Game there are two columns. Each column contain six lines. To complete the game the player must drag a line between the matching pairs from each column. The Matching Game Maker allows you type in or record your own text or voice recordings in each column.

Some suggestions about the types of tasks you can make:
Match a question and answer i.e. 'How old are you?' - 'I'm 12 years old'
Match the begining and endings of a sentences. i.e. 'My favourite colour' - 'is blue.'
As a translation task. Match a sentence in the LOTE with the English
A listening exercise. Match a recording of a sentence with the text of that sentence.
A comprehension task. Match a recording of a sentence or statement with a corresponding statement.
Match a sound with a word. i.e. the sound of a dog matched with the word 'dog'.
Complete the sequence. 'Monday, Tuesday" - "Wednesday"


When your students make their own multimedia language games, they are practising important skills:
they can revise a wide variety of linguistic and cultural concepts
they are actively using the languages in a fun way
thinking about the purpose and audience of their game, and making decisions about the content
ICT skills: file management and creation, making voice recordings, sourcing and saving images, understanding different file types
Using the Matching Game Maker games can be made in any language. Any script (for example Arabic or Japanese) that can be typed on your computer can be used.
When complete, the game is saved on your computer in the location you specify. From here you can copy the game to a disc, memory stick or onto another computer or network to share with others.

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